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435 E. Haley Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

1300 Fleet Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003

8AM - 5PM, M-F


I had a small scratch/dent on my Lexus ... stopped by Mastercraft while I was out in SB.. they guys gave me an estimate. I left my car there while I shopped and enjoyed my day in SB. Came back by the close of business and it was completed. Friendly staff and I am very happy with my repairs... They are honest and professional.

Jill M., Newbury Park, CA

Arrived late Friday night after an AAA Auto Club tow; dead fuel pump. Not open on weekends, so they kept the car over the weekend (free) to start on it first thing Monday morning. Repairs were completed by Monday 5PM as originally estimated so we could get back on the road by nightfall. Charges were fair and reasonable for the parts and labor; they also gave me a fuel filter at cost (no labor) since the original had to be removed for the service. Make sure to eat at "The Mill" directly across the street if you're there waiting awhile. Friendly front-desk staff guys made sure I wasn't stranded in Santa Barbara without a car to get around in.

Mike S., Brea, CA

I had my car towed via triple A and I was nervous because I had no idea what was wrong with my car. I was guessing it was an axle or something to do with the brakes or caliper because of the loud bang it made and I figured it was going to cost me close to 500 bucks if not more because my car wouldn't move it was dragging the right front wheel and past experiences with mechanics have always been costly.. These guys were complete professionals they took my car in and immediately looked at it and assessed it told me it would cost me less than 300 bucks which was a relief. I called them 4 hours after dropping it off and they told me it was just about done and it would cost me less than 200 dollars. I was stunned because in my experience most mechanics try and take advantage of you if you don't know anything about mechanics.. So in closing these guys are true professionals and extremely honest. Will and Mike are who I dealt with and they were both very welcoming and made me feel comfortable leaving my car with them.. If you need a mechanic and don't know where to go try Mastercraft motors they won't let you down.. I will be referring all my friends and family to them they gained a customer for life.. Thank you guys for your professionalism and quick service I am truly grateful..

P.S- They even fixed something else and didn't charge me for it which was super cool of them. I got an estimate on the part they fixed for free and another mechanic told me $175 to do it and they did it for free so that alone made me a customer for life... Will and Mike you are the bomb thanks for everything!!

Ronnie C., Santa Barbara, CA

I called around to many different auto repair shops and every single one had terrible customer service and their quotes were $400 higher than Mastercraft. The office staff was overly helpful, patient, and nice. My car looks brand new again! Mike helped me through all the questions I had and even informed me of my car status at my request. This was overall a wonderful experience. I will definitely use them in the future.

They even washed and vacuumed all the dog fur out of my car!

Sarah M., San Diego, CA